Are You Recycling & Refilling Your Franking Machine Ink Cartridge?

Large Franking machines manufacturers are happy for you to keep purchasing new cartridges at a high price. Not only is this expensive but also not very environmentally friendly. This is first website of its kind solely dedicated to recycling franking machine cartridges.



Welcome to Franking Cartridge Recycling

The first site in the UK dedicated to recycling and refilling franking machine ink cartridges.

Most of the ink used in our recycling is original UK Franking machine Ink. We Extract ink from recycling original ink cartridges and reuse it for refilling. This way the Royal Mail and Franking Machine Manufacturers are kept happy!

Our Products

Neopost Ink Cartridge Recycling / Refilling

Models Include IJ25, Autostamp, MSL250, Neopost Ij30, Ij35, IJ40, IJ45, IJ50, MSL350, IJ65, IJ70, IS330, IS350, IS420, IS460 & IS480.

FP & Pitney Bowes Ink Cartridge Recycling / Refilling

Models include FP Mymail, FP Ultimail, Pitney Bowes DM390, DP200, DP400 Franking Machines.

Frama Ink Cartridge Recycling / Refilling

Models Include Mailspirit, Accessmail, Ecomail, Officemail, Mailmax, Matrix F2, Matrix F4 & F6 Franking Machines.

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